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Your first chiropractic visit begins

dancing-figuresYour first chiropractic visit begins with a personal health evaluation, in which we listen closely to your unique health concerns and goals. Dr. Hill then performs a thorough evaluation of your spine and nervous system. Next, you will receive your first gentle adjustment, which begins to unwind the core tension in your nervous system, restoring spinal movement and preparing your mind and body for the profound healing to come.

On your second visit, Dr. Hill will provide a customized healing plan, to restore your spine and nervous system to optimum strength and health. Adjustments have a progressive, beneficial effect over time—regular care will establish healthier patterns in your body and reward you with greater resilience, ease of movement, and quality of life. We will educate you on the lifetime benefits of caring for your spine, while also addressing current health needs. We’ll be there for you, every step of the way on your journey to optimal health and happiness as you continue to enjoy your dance with life.

"Dr. Kirsten's care is gentle and effective. I always walk away feeling more grounded, lighter and more energized. I am sleeping better, rarely have back pain anymore and am able to exercise without pain and discomfort."

~Amber M.

“Working with Kirsten has changed my life! Her work is profound, and she is gifted with an intuitive touch.” - Tina, Dancer

“I have been seeing Dr. Hill for several months. Every time I leave her office I feel at peace physically, mentally and spiritually.” - Joe, Executive Coach

“Kirsten has performed wonders by improving my physical condition and overall well-being. As a jazz musician, my body is under continuous stress. Kirsten has alleviated my problems and made playing jazz more enjoyable!” - Jerry, Musician