Meet Us

Meet Us


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Dance With Life Chiropractic is your home for health and well-being! We are delighted to celebrate eight years of providing high-quality, health and life-enhancing chiropractic care to families and people of all ages.  

Our commitment to your well-being has created a wonderful community of people who love to heal, learn and thrive with the professional care they receive at our wellness center. Come in and explore the healing magic of your own spine and nervous system, and benefit from our extraordinary adjustments, holistic lifestyle guidance and personalized support for your daily life.

More About Our Chiropractic Wellness Center

At Dance With Life Chiropractic, you can enrich your healing with health and wellness workshops, transformative massage crafted by our skilled therapists, and movement classes.  Imbued with warm colors, beautiful art and soft lighting, our center invites you to release stress and embrace vibrant health and joy.  Just stepping into our wellness center will transport you to a state of relaxation and calmness. 

“Kirsten has performed wonders by improving my physical condition and overall well-being. As a jazz musician, my body is under continuous stress. Kirsten has alleviated my problems and made playing jazz more enjoyable!” - Jerry, Musician

“I have been seeing Dr. Hill for several months. Every time I leave her office I feel at peace physically, mentally and spiritually.” - Joe, Executive Coach

"Dr. Kirsten's care is gentle and effective. I always walk away feeling more grounded, lighter and more energized. I am sleeping better, rarely have back pain anymore and am able to exercise without pain and discomfort."

~Amber M.

“Working with Kirsten has changed my life! Her work is profound, and she is gifted with an intuitive touch.” - Tina, Dancer