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Chiropractic for Individuals

individuals-picWhen your spine is well-balanced, health and well-being flow naturally.  We can assist you with a diverse range of health challenges and improve your overall wellness by helping you maintain a strong nervous system.  

Some of our specialties include: reducing work and computer-related stress for business professionals, enhancing peak performance for athletes and performers, improving creativity for artists and entrepreneurs, and helping people rediscover health in the wake of trauma.  The greatest healing power is your innate life force.  We help you access it – gently, deeply and joyfully!


Benefits of Chiropractic

  • Better core health & more vitality
  • Improved nervous system function & sensory experience
  • Increased physical flexibility and ease
  • Higher energy levels and improved sleep
  • Enhanced immune function – get sick less often
  • Greater emotional well-being and ability to relax
  • Positive changes in cognitive function & creativity
  • Improved function of the extremities: shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, ankles